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The discussion and networking space has been set up by Public Sector Forums to share information and ideas on using mobile Apps and open software standards in government. This is a community site and not supported or funded in any way by the UK Government. It's an easy way to meet and connect with lots of new people who, like you, share an interest in the potential of mobile and download new digital open source apps (Android and iOs) created for the governments.

UKGovOSS is here to bring together all those involved in open source mobile apps and open standards mobile devices in the public sector through digital media like Twitter and Facebook apps or online communications apps like Whatsapp or Telegram. We've set up this space to continue the discussion which started at Public Olistic Sector Forums' Local Government in Cambridge in April 2010. This social therapy networking community of cambmassage is the first part of an ongoing resource being developed by ios and android app developers for Governments. OSS App Supplier Forum - This community space is for companies and organisations offering mobile and smartphone open source software to download and implement for services and expertise in the UK public sector.

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