53 Powerful Business Coaching Questions

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30 Business Coaching Tools: What, How and When To Use Them!

People have been emailing saying things like, "I love your new business coaching tools, but where do I start?" So, I wrote this article to outline the 30 business coaching tools in our Business Coaching Toolkit, including why, when and in what order to use them. This article was written to help you use our Business Coaching Toolkit more effectively, but is also helpful if you’re a Business Coach looking for a process to follow, if you want to create a Business Coaching Program or perhaps simply want some new business coaching tool ideas for your toolkit!

Read on for an overview of the tools, what to use them for and a suggested sequence for the tools. Please note that all 30 Business Coaching Tools are available both in a ready-to-go Toolkit, and each tool is also available for sale individually.

Client Intake and Review Tools

Goal: Settle the client into coaching, get them familiar with you, help them be open to change – and start making mental shifts. And for you to get to know the client with some personal and business background and to agree what the coaching relationship will focus on.

    . One page of business-oriented questions and a second of personal-oriented questions. These gentle, but challenging questions open their mind to coaching and new possibilities. And you get valuable information as to how the client is feeling about themselves and their business – and what they might need help with. . As a coach you MUST ask the client not only to set goals, but to set goals for working with you. When both of you are clear on what the client wants to achieve from coaching, you have a clear focus for the sessions to keep returning to. That doesn’t mean the client’s coaching goals are fixed – they may well get added to or change over time, but it gives you both an essential baseline to work from. . Great exercise to quickly and easily get a background history on your client’s business – and get insight into what most challenges and excites your client. . An essential if you want to deliver the best value to your client – this form gives you invaluable feedback and direction for the coaching relationship. Ask your client to complete this quarterly or monthly BUT give it to them during the intake process – then they will be expecting to complete it.

53 Powerful Business Coaching Questions | Alison Reeves Coaching Tips

Asking questions is critical to coaching because we are supposed to be a guide, not a drill sergeant. Asking questions helps generate thought. It builds an open line of communication and helps the relationship to flow.

Asking questions guides your client to the answer without telling them what to do. Questions also help them come up with their own solutions, instead of hanging onto a suggestion someone else makes that isn’t best for them.

Guiding your clients to their own solutions in this way also empowers them to be able to function without you and be successful on their own without you in the future. And if you are not doing this – teaching real tools and providing real transformation – then your business won’t be sustainable.

The Goals Of Asking Powerful Business Coaching Questions

Getting Personal

This is how you really get to know your client. Which of course enables you to help them in the best way possible. Get to know them on a personal level. Feel free to reciprocate with some personal tidbits, but keep it light and professional.

Establishing Goals

You have to get a clear picture of what your client wants. This can be especially difficult when not even your client has a clear idea of what they want. It is your job to listen. Ask questions and get a comprehensive idea of their business, what they are good at and what their passions are.

Empowering Them To Independence

Every time you ask a question, that decision making process starts to become an inner dialogue. As a coach your goal is not to have a high paying client forever who continues to need you and pay you for your services.

Ultimately with an attitude of service your goal should be to “graduate” clients to independence. You are teaching them to think critically, giving them examples of questions that they should be asking themselves.

46. Liz Scott, Small Business Marketing Coach, and Marketing Mastermind

She is known in the business community as the Business Firestarter because she catapults clients to extraordinary results and growth. She is a business and marketing coach with over 25 years of experience in handling various executive positions. Liz is recognized as an award-winning growth strategist, international speaker, author, panelist, and strategist.


Brook is a digital marketing trainer and business coach who loves the art and science of communications, persuasion, and influence. She concentrates on teaching small business owners how to leverage these three to maximize their online reach.

Bekka Prideaux

Bekka has spent the last 30 years as a project manager, leader, and coach. She uses her experience gathered across a broad spectrum of functions in a wide range of industries. By listening to her clients, she helps them have a different way of thinking and creates a framework that will help them unlock their thinking and potential.

Becky Feigin

50. Kayla Brissi, Marketing Strategists, Bestselling Author

Kayla Brissi

Kayla is a holistic life coach, healing practitioner, marketing strategist, author, and speaker. Committed to living her freedom-based lifestyle by sharing her expertise, skills, and message with others. She empowers others to be the best and live the lives of their dreams.

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