6 Hacks on How to Write an Essay on the History of Technological Progress

Many students hate essay writing because of their stress. However, you should have it in mind that essay writing is an assessment task in college. It is used to assess your understanding of a topic.

For instance, let us consider the history of technological progress as an essay topic. If you are given a paper to write on this topic, you should focus on past information and find a way of presenting your ideas in a clear form. Write the essay in good language for the reader to comprehend your ideas better.

Understand your audience, so you can know how to present ideas in a presentable form. We have suggested several tips on how to write an essay. Use our suggested tips to write an excellent essay on the topic.

  • Understand Your Audience 

The first step of any essay writing process is to understand the audience. Many students think that their instructors are their audience. This is a wrong assumption. Your work can be read by many when published. Do not limit your audience to your instructor alone. Think of other people as your audience.

  • Choose An Eye-Catching Topic. 

In some cases, when you are not given a topic to write on, you should write an eye-catching topic. This will make the readers curious about your essay content. Your instructor’s interest also arises with an eye-catching topic.

  • Be Clear And Precise By Using The Best Translation Service 

Try to carry your readers along in your essay by writing an essay in simple and clear English. Adhere to the grammar rules when writing your essay and check for grammatical errors. Do not use too much vocabulary and professional terms in your essay.

Essay writing is an uneasy and time-consuming task that can eat up both your money and time. To avoid time wastage, get the best translation services from websites that provide these services for college students at an affordable price. Provide your requirements, and the deadline on any of those platforms to select a writer who will write a high-quality translation assignment at an affordable price in a short time.

  • Be Convincing With Your Argument 

You should provide relevant points to prove your stand on any essay topic. This will convince the reader that you have a better understanding of the subject. Otherwise, your reader will not trust your work, and your paper becomes a waste. Support your argument by either ethics or logical reasons.

  • Write With The Recommended Writing Style

Before you proceed to essay writing, make findings on the style that your college approves. Different colleges use different styles, such as APA and MLA. Consult your instructor to determine which of the style is recommended. Provide citations of all sources used in your writing to make your paper relevant.

Many students hate essay writing because of its formatting and writing styles. You can save yourself the stress of essay writing by using translation services for college students. To use this service, enter all required details about your assignment and deadline, then hire someone to write a paper at an affordable price in a short time.

  • Revise And Edit 

After you might have completed the writing, read the entire essay to check for grammatical errors. Ask a friend to read the essay, and ask for his suggestions on the writing. Use his recommendations to edit your work.


When writing an essay topic like the history of technological progress, be clear, and organize your ideas in a nice format. You should use our above-suggested tips to write an outstanding essay. You can also hire a translator to write your translation assignment.

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