What Is the Blog’s Mainstay?

This blog has a unique and exclusive focus on issues dealing with Information Technology (IT) and marketing. In today’s highly digital interconnected world, Information Technology is a very crucial component of day to day life. This blog focuses on some of the key areas of application of IT and how these areas have evolved as a result of IT adoption and subsequent use.

Marketing today is at a whole new level due to the technologies that are shaping how people consume information. These two issues that form an important part of day to day life form the main areas of focus of this blog.


Why Marketing?

Marketing is a very interesting area of concern in today’s highly interconnected world. The rise and continued use of social media platforms and other online forums have hugely helped marketers. This blog focuses on marketing because of the relevance of marketing in today’s business arena and how the marketing world has changed with the advent of technological communication advances.

Further, marketing is an activity that every individual engages in often, and it is ubiquitous enough for anyone to ignore today.


How Does the Issue of Ethics Come Into Play?

Technology and ethics are two inseparable domains in today’s world. Technology offers people easy and cheap ways to go about tasks and accomplish them. However, it is worth noting that the same technology can also be put into negative use.

Users of technology could use technology for other ill purposes. When the topic of technology comes to the fore, it becomes difficult to throw away the subject of ethics – thanks to the issues of privacy and data usage and storage that come to the fore. That is why ethics remain important when it comes to discussions and debates about Information Technology.


Why the Nexus Between Marketing and IT?

Many IT assets are in use in the commercial sector. There is a skewness towards software and designed for commercial and corporate purposes. This goes to tell that most of the computing is in the business world. This is where marketing comes in. Marketing, adverts and promotions play a huge role in the sale and purchase of products and services.

Therefore, the use and deployment of IT in the business world, and marketing in particular – highlights the continued use of IT in promotion, advertising, and general business. This blog borrows from real events in the outside world there as far as IT goes.


How Do Case Studies or Real Life Examples Come in?

The Analysis of the operations of leading firms in Information Technology or the application of IT by leading firms in a bid to gain a competitive advantage helps to highlight the importance of IT in today’s business world. The use of real-world examples and cases of tech companies helps to shed light on some key areas of concern of the blog.

The use and Analysis of real-world examples even help to drive the point home further, since it helps to clarify details that might otherwise be hard to understand or also elaborate for that matter.

Are There Other Specific Areas of Concern?

The main areas of concern for this blog are IT and marketing. While there are no other specific areas of interest outside these two fields, the blog focuses on some of the sub-units and subtopics within the broader area of IT. Indeed, IT is in use and deployment in many places, both profit, and not-for-profit sectors.

Therefore, this blog also focuses on these sub-areas within the two broader areas of marketing and Information Technology. When it comes to the delivery of health services, IT plays an important role. So is in government, academia, and other areas. This blog, therefore, looks at the compatibility and suitability of IT applications in these areas, the advantages of deployment of IT software and hardware, and the overall gains of the use of IT in these areas.