Quick Grammar Tips To Help Improve Your Writing

A couple of simple mistakes I see people make all the time are choosing wrong when they’re trying to decide between affect or effect and between further or farther.Most of the time, affect is a verb and effect is a noun, so if you could substitute another verb (such as helped or hurt), choose affect, and if you can put an article in front of the word (such as the effect was stunning), choose effect.In American English, further is typically used for metaphorical distances (We won’t discuss this further) and farther is typically used for physical distances (How much farther is Boston?)

How to Improve Grammar? [Tips, Ways, & Rules Included]

Academic writing depends on the grammar & vocabulary of a person, as having a good command of them makes your sentences clear and understandable. The various details related to the time, place, who did what, who said to whom, etc., can be cleared only by using the correct grammar form.

Most students seek grammar tips that can help them write better quality academic papers with proper meaning & perspectives. That’s why the experts of Global Assignment Help are here with beneficial tips & rules that can assist you in composing the best essay for your college-level submission. Let’s start our journey with elements of grammar that can help in creating meaningful sentences.

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Reasons To Be Proud You’re From New York City

25 Reasons To Be Proud You're From New York City

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Grammar Mistake 1: Falling in Love with “They”

For another option that may be more elegant than the sometimes-clunky “his or her,” I often suggest alternating use of the male pronoun with the female—employing “his” in one paragraph and “her” in the next.

This one gets under my skin. I’m not sure why it bothers me so much but I think it’s because people often think they’re being more learned by using “and I”—no matter the context. Maybe I’m afraid they’re judging me when I’m actually correct. Maybe I need to be a little less judgmental myself.

Still, you want to use correct grammar on your blog. That’s why you’ll want to use “Sophie and I” when “I” is a subject pronoun” (“I” am doing something) and “Sophie and me” for the object pronoun (something is being done to us).

For the record—and in case you are wondering—Sophie is my labradoodle. And, truthfully, I generally leave the rabbit chasing to her alone, despite any impression I may have given you that I chase rabbits.

Grammar Tips for Students to Compose College Level of Writing!

It can be difficult for students to use proper grammar in their writing. That’s why here are the essay helpers with grammar tips for college students to support them with better knowledge of grammar use.

You must use the active voice more often than using the passive voice. The passive voice creates a wordy sentence that provides information in a complex way.

The modifiers give extra detail of the main topic, for example, a vegetarian sandwich and a pink pen. This way, you can share a better level of data for the subject.

Understand that commas are used as a mark of separation within the sentence, whereas semicolons are used to connect independent clauses. So, use these properties properly and make your sentence perfect.

You should know the difference between words with the same pronunciation; for example, there, they’re, and there. These three words almost sound similar but have different meanings & usage. So, increase your vocabulary knowledge to use these terms correctly.

You will write a lot of essays in your college. So, it is vital to know that how you can refer to yourself in the writing. Using your name is not possible & correct in every sentence, so use the pronouns in place of your name; for example, I, my, me, or myself.

There are eight parts of speech- noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection, out of which we have discussed above. Every student has to learn the implementation of parts of speech in order to create the best essay for submission.

Above are the various grammar tips that can help you maintain a better flow & error-less paper for submission. College may give a lot of writing burden to you that you can decrease with our essay helpers. They will provide you with the best-written document that will be grammatically perfect & impressive.

Writing Tips from Bloggers for Bloggers

My No. 1 blog writing tip: Assume that people will be skimming your post, and likely reading less than 30 percent of it. Rather than fighting against this behavior, work with it.

Include lots of ways for people to enter into a piece—subheads, quotes, numbered or bulleted lists, images and graphs, bold text, or anything else that can help people take away some of the value quickly.

If readers see enough that sparks their interest, they’ll save it for later, or slow down and read it from beginning to end (if you’re lucky!).

Jane Friedman

Frances Caballo

Ginger Moran

When I blog I look for the natural divisions in the piece I am already writing. We hear about the importance of bullets and numbered lists to encourage reader retention as they scan your work to decide if they want to dive in, but where do those features come from?

When I look at how the piece is actually emerging a lot of times I can find the real internal structure and then the best way to design the piece comes from that.

Stuart Horwitz

Spend as much time on the title as you do on the blog. The title is what readers will see in their email. If it doesn’t intrigue them enough, they won’t open the email.

Michael Larsen

Speak to Their ‘Closeted’ Selves: Tough guys hide their gentle-as-a-kitten side, used car salespeople can be surprisingly honest and kindergarten teachers think some truly nasty thoughts.

Writing to your audience’s ‘secret’ self is a great way to have some fun, tell the truth and let your people know that you GET them. Readers love to feel seen, heard and understood, and when you can give voice to their secret thoughts, you create both intimacy and loyalty.



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